Getting Started

Global Opportunities has designed a comprehensive self-paced Advising Program to help you learn more about education abroad, share your interests  with us, and ultimately apply to a program that best fits your academic, professional, cultural, and personal development goals. Review the process below and get started whenever you’re ready.

Begin the advising and program selection process by creating an OSU GO account. Click the “Logging in with an ONID?” button to begin.  

After creating your account, OSU GO Staff will add you to our Advising Canvas page.  In this page, you will be guided through important steps to help you explore options, compare programs, and decide on the ‘best fit” for your interests and goals.

OSU GO Staff and Peer Advisors are here to help you through the Advising Program. You can schedule virtual or in-person meetings, as needed, using our OSU GO Bookings page. We have a variety of meeting types to connect you with the appropriate resource for your questions.

Once you’ve identified your preferred OSU GO Program, OSU GO Staff will help you begin the application process for this program. 

You can schedule a drop-in appointment with OSU GO Staff here to answer your preliminary questions. We look forward to meeting you and helping you navigate the wide range of education abroad opportunities available to you through OSU GO!


Global Opportunities