While finding scholarships relevant to your individual financial situation and education abroad plans can be challenging, figuring out ways to make your experience more affordable is possible and OSU GO is ready to support you. The earlier you start looking into financial support opportunities, the more viable options you will have. The information below will help you get started.

Key Tips and Advice:
  • Complete the FAFSA/ORSAA each year: need based scholarships often require information that is determined by this process.
  • Review/Update your profile in ScholarDollars to ensure relevant scholarships are brought to your attention and use the “matching” function when browsing.  
  • Keep track of scholarship application deadlines, plan ahead by several months, and give yourself plenty of time to complete any requirements!
  • Friendly Reminder: You must participate in an Office of Global Opportunities education abroad program in order to utilize financial aid and be considered eligible for many of the scholarships listed below. If you are just beginning to explore your options, START HERE.
Financial Aid

In most cases, you may use your OSU financial aid, such as existing scholarships and loans, to participate in OSU GO approved study abroad programs.  For more information about using aid and what to expect, visit Financial Aid and Study Abroad

Office of Global Opportunities

Currently, there are two study abroad scholarships in ScholarDollars managed by OSU GO that are available to any student.

To be eligible for these scholarships, you must have an OSU GO application to a program for the term/year that the scholarship is being awarded.  Your OSU GO application does not need to be completed nor accepted as of the OSU GO scholarship application deadline.  Award amounts are $500-$1,000.

IE3 Global Programs

The IE3 Global Scholarship is awarded to applicants who are both highly qualified and have financial need. This scholarship is in the form of a $500 – $1500 program fee reduction. To be eligible, you must complete an IE3 Global program application as well as the IE3 Global scholarship application. For more information, go to IE3 Global Financial FAQs

OSU Faculty-led Programs

OSU Faculty-led Program scholarships are currently program specific and vary in terms of award amount, eligibility, and criteria by program.  To learn whether a program has specific funding or scholarships to reduce program costs, consult the faculty leaders or the OSU GO Coordinator.  Current and upcoming Faculty-led Program Offerings can be found here.

Affiliate Program Scholarships

This category includes scholarships from OSU GO approved partners.  When exploring your options with one of these providers, begin your research through the OSU GO program directory that lists programs approved by OSU GO. 

Awards are typically given in the form of a fee reduction. 

National and Global Scholarship Advising Office

Visit OSU's National and Global Scholarship Advising Office (NGSA) website for information and resources regarding education abroad scholarships available nationally.  NGSA staff are available to review your essays and offer valuable suggestions on the application process in general.  Contact them for a drop-in or advising appointment. Please note, some scholarships promoted through NGSA are funded by the U.S. Bureau of Educational Exchange and require U.S. citizenship.

Examples of funding for undergraduates:

For the full list of scholarships intended for seniors/those soon to graduate, and graduate students, visit the NGSA website.  

Scholarships Offered by OSU Colleges or Departments

Ask your college/department/advisor/professor about scholarships for students in your college or major and visit the websites below. Tip: Funding opportunities may or may not be posted visibly.  As a result, inquire broadly.  

Some of these scholarships are listed in ScholarDollars and others may be found through the College.

 External Scholarships

Scholarships broadly available to students applying to education abroad programs fall into this category. This type of scholarship may be hosted by a governmental entity or organization that encourages study in a particular region, country, or language, or for individuals with a particular background (i.e. first generation college students, career exploration).

Examples of funding for undergraduates:


Global Opportunities