Costs, Aid, and Scholarships

OSU GO international programs can be affordable for you. The total cost related to the program depends heavily on which program you choose and your goals and expectations for the program. In most cases, your current financial aid and scholarships can be applied to program costs. OSU GO can discuss additional funding opportunities with you.

  • OSU GO has approved a wide variety of international programs which have significantly different program fees. Program fees depend on the type, location, and length of the program. It is important to consider what is included in the program fee and what additional costs are required to participate. When comparing programs, consider which of the following items are included in the program fee:
    • Housing Accommodations
    • Academic Credits
    • International Airfare
    • On-Site Support
  • Compare the total program cost with your total cost of attendance at OSU. Don’t forget your tuition and fees, housing, meals, transportation, personal expenses, etc.
  • If you pay a program fee that includes your academic expenses, you will not be charged OSU tuition in addition to that fee. In other words, you will not be billed for OSU tuition AND program provider tuition.

  • Most forms of financial aid, including loans and grants, are available for you to use towards your study abroad program. 
  • Certain types of aid, including veteran’s benefits and tuition waivers, may only apply to a limited number of OSU programs. OSU GO can help you determine which benefits would be applicable. If you receive any third party scholarships, check with the scholarship administrators regarding any restrictions.

  • Review the Financial Aid Office webpage for more information.

  • Ask the administrator or coordinator of your program if there are designated program scholarships available.
  • Research scholarship opportunities offered by your college/department and campus/community organizations for which you are active.
  • Schedule a consult with the National and Global Scholarships Advising office for support if you plan to apply for national scholarships such as the Gilman Scholarship.
  • Review the Resources to Help Fund Your Education Abroad web page for more information.
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