Health and Safety

Living and learning abroad is a great time for discovery and exploration. As you plan for your international program, you likely have questions about how to stay healthy and safe. The following information will help you know what to expect and highlight preparations you’ll make for your experience abroad.

  • Consult with a medical professional to discuss questions about your health abroad and to familiarize yourself with host country requirements. The Travel Clinic at the Student Health Center offers consultations during which you’ll receive information about immunization requirements, disease prevention, recommended medications, dealing with emergencies and obtaining medical assistance outside the U.S. You might also find a consultation with your current care provider to be helpful.

  • Inform yourself about your program location with information and resources provided by the U.S. Department of State and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

  • Stay aware and up-to-date on local/regional news that could impact conditions in your host country. Your awareness and understanding of current events and issues impacting health and safety will help you to stay prepared.

  • The Health & Safety Coordinator in the Office of Global Opportunities facilitates important aspects of the pre-departure orientation, in addition to supporting students when unexpected situations arise and on-site conditions change. 

  • OSU GO Staff will discuss health and safety issues in detail at the pre-departure orientation with opportunities for participant questions. Additionally, resources for your use and reference are provided in the application platform and at orientation.

Your first point of contact for these important questions is your OSU GO advisor. Our team can quickly refer you to the appropriate resources, which may be on-campus resources, the Health and Safety Coordinator, or someone who works with your specific international program. It is important to share any questions or concerns you have as they arise.

Student health and safety is OSU GO’s primary consideration in the administration of international programs for students. The safety of any activity, domestic or international, depends on a variety of factors. Informed by campus guidelines and best practices related to student traveler safety, OSU GO’s Health and Safety Coordinator conducts travel risk assessments and has determined that programs currently offered are appropriately safe for study abroad. OSU’s travel policy has strict conditions that must be met to approve a particular international program, and conditions are monitored on an ongoing basis. Students are briefed on precautions that they can take to be as safe as possible in their new environment. OSU provides 24/7 support so that we can respond quickly if unexpected events or emergencies occur.

Depending on your program, you’ll either be covered by a supplemental insurance through Oregon State University, or the partner provider administering your program. We strongly encourage students to research and review the details of their insurance coverage, how to request reimbursement, and the important emergency services included by the insurance provider.