The first step in developing and leading an OSU Faculty-led Study Abroad Program is to review the materials found here.

Secondly, reach out to the Faculty-led Program Team and request a consultation [[email protected]]

Thirdly, initiate an online program proposal (using your ONID) where you can preview more in-depth information and begin to complete each component. 

The proposal consists of a series of questionnaires and learning content, and is valuable for both Program Leaders and OSU GO as it provides key stakeholders with important information regarding your program’s design, leadership, course syllabus, in-country logistics and support structures, program itinerary, cost estimates along with plans for promoting your program and students application criteria. 

Step One

  • Review the recommended timelines above and consider ways to help ensure your program’s success.  Keep in mind that students often need 6-9 months to plan their schedules and finances to study abroad.
  • Confirm that your proposed destination does not have a U.S. Department of State (Level 3 or 4) or CDC Travel Warning at this time.
  • Review the Program Leader Responsibilities to understand the amount of work involved in planning and implementing a program, and the corresponding timelines.
  • Discuss your program concept with your Unit Head and Associate Dean to ensure that you have support in terms of academic content, the target audience and proposed location, and that your program aligns with the goals of your college.

Step Two

  • Review the Guidelines for Designing Programs and familiarize yourself with the recommended practices as they may influence how you complete your program proposal.
  • Determine the dates of your program and how they correspond to OSU terms.  Programs that commence outside of OSU’s regular academic year terms are considered Summer Session or Term Extension courses.   
  • Meet with an OSU GO Faculty-led Team member to discuss any questions you may have about the OSU GO Faculty-led Program model, Program Leader Responsibilities or Guidelines for Designing Programs.

Key components of a proposal:

  • Develop and attach your program curriculum/syllabus.  Identify instructional needs, pre/post courses, if any.  Will this be a new course, an existing course, or a course that falls under “Special Projects”? 
  • Identify contacts/ existing partnerships and their capabilities in terms of contributing to the planning and implementation of the program/course.
  • Develop a proposed daily itinerary, identifying activities relevant to the academic objectives and location.
  • Establish your program's application requirements, prerequisites and screening strategies in cooperation with OSU GO. 
  • Identify student funding sources such as departmental scholarships (if available), noting that short-term (< 3 weeks) study abroad scholarships are currently rare.

In collaboration with OSU GO,

  • If applicable, research and select an education abroad program provider or partner institution with in-country logistical expertise that will match your needs. 
  • If the program leader(s) prefer to identify and arrange most or all of the in-country logistics, enter this information in the "Detailed Program Logistics and Spending Plan" questionnaire located in the online proposal.

Step Three

Initiate OSU GO’s (online) Faculty-led Program Proposal. 

Next, complete each component shown on your proposal ‘dashboard’, and in consultation with the Faculty-led Programs Team, as needed.

Key Components include:

  • Designing a Faculty-led Program - Important Considerations
  • Program Leader Responsibilities and Timeline
  • Program Overview
  • Program Leadership
  • Program Curriculum and Itinerary
  • Selecting and Contracting with a Program Provider
  • Program Logistics and Spending Plan
  • Student Application Requirements
  • Promoting Your Program

If you have any questions about the proposal process, please contact us at [email protected] | University Plaza – Suite 290 | 541.737.3006

Step Four

  • When the proposal is sufficiently formed which includes a proposed program budget developed by OSU GO, the Faculty-led Programs Team will schedule a meeting with the Program Leaders to discuss next steps.  
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