OSU GO international programs are primarily an academic pursuit. You can experience a wider variety of opportunities and perspectives while you explore your academic and professional interests in an international context. If you participate in an OSU GO approved program, you will earn OSU credit for each class you take abroad.

OSU GO has approved nearly 200 international programs that provide a wide variety of academic offerings. Some programs offer an established list of classes and credits, while others allow you to enroll in any classes offered by the host institution abroad. International internships may offer a more flexible route to earning course credit. It is important to consider which classes and requirements from your degree plan that you would like to complete while abroad. Then, compare that list to the program course offerings.

OSU GO encourages you to work closely with your academic advisor from the start of your application through your return to campus. Your academic advisor can help you identify which classes are required to complete for your degree and which, if any, must be taken at OSU. Students often focus on one or more of the following course types to complete abroad:

  • Bacc Core coursework
  • Upper division elective credit
  • One or two key classes required for to stay on track to graduate

Academic credit earned on an international internship can fulfill the same requirements as a domestic internship - with the added benefit of offering professional work experience in an international context.  Your academic advisor will determine how internship credits apply to your degree program. Credits are most commonly applied as:

  • College or Degree-Specific Internship/Practicum Requirement
  • Experiential learning Requirement
  • Upper division elective credit 
  • Any program that allows students to directly enroll at a host institution abroad provides the widest variety of course options. When students directly enroll, they have access to most, if not all, classes offered by the host institution. These programs can be a great fit for many majors and offer flexibility for mixing and matching courses to fulfill various requirements. Ask OSU GO if your program of interest allows direct enrollment.
  • Some programs are particularly good fits for specific majors, and some OSU Colleges co-administer their own study abroad programs with OSU GO. You can check with your major/minor academic department to see if they have any program recommendations. Visit the Go Abroad in Your Major page for a list of programs that are recommended for your major or academic focus.
  • Study Abroad: Grading scales and structures vary between countries and institutions. If your program does not award grades consistent with OSU’s grading scale, OSU GO will convert the grades you earn abroad to an OSU grade using an established conversion rubric. In many cases, the conversion rubric takes into consideration the language of instruction and differences in Passing/Failing rates. Most classes can be taken S/U, but strict notification and timeline requirements apply.
  • International Internship: Most students earn credit for their internship using the Pass/Fail grading system. The grading system used for specific credits will be finalized after your internship is confirmed.
  • Faculty-Led Study Abroad: The faculty leader will inform you of the course credits that will be awarded at successful completion of the program.

The transcription process requires the transfer and coordination of information between multiple parties (your host university, your program provider, the OSU department of the credits requested, your academic advisor, and the OSU GO Office). For this reason, you should expect to wait at least two terms after your program ends for your OSU transcript to show the credits earned on an international program.

The transcription process consists of the following steps:

  • Your host institution or program provider must send OSU GO your transcript.
  • After receiving your transcript, OSU GO will work with the relevant academic units on campus to approve your course articulation.
  • Once all credits, courses, and grades are converted and approved, a report will be sent to the Office of the Registrar and the credits will be recorded on your OSU transcript. 
  • Once this transcription is finalized, you will work with your academic advisor to apply these credits to your degree requirements in MyDegrees. Your academic advisor, not OSU GO, has the final decision on how your credits are applied to your degree.
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