To: OSU faculty, graduate assistants, professional faculty, and classified staff,

From: Alix Gitelman, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Senior Vice Provost

28 September 2022

Dear Colleagues,

To comply with House Bill 2919 enacted by the 2021 Oregon Legislature , OSU and all other public colleges and universities are required to display a complete listing of required course materials and supplies and their associated costs on a campus bookstore’s website at the time of student registration. The purpose of this message is to make you aware of changes to current requirements so you can meet the new deadlines for submitting required course materials and supplies to the OSU Beaver Store.

Prior to this legislation, faculty were required to let the OSU Beaver Store know of all course adoptions (i.e., books, materials, and supplies) or to indicate that no materials were needed. The new legislation requires this work to be completed prior to registration opening so students have time to budget, seek financial support and choose to acquire materials from various low-cost options.

Winter 2023 registration opens November 15, 2022. All faculty are now required to fully indicate their course adoptions (or lack thereof) to the OSU Beaver Store by November 1, 2022, two weeks prior to student registration for the term. Faculty can begin making these indications on October 4, 2022.

Meeting this deadline is critical to legislative compliance and providing enough lead-time for the OSU Beaver Store to process adoptions and identify low-cost options for students (including digital eBooks). Please note for course types not requiring any materials (e.g., some independent studies), you do not have to inform the OSU Beaver Store, if you haven’t in the past.

We appreciate the continued collaboration of the OSU Beaver Store, a non-profit organization, in serving university students and faculty.

If you have any questions about these requirements or deadlines, please contact Stefanie Buck about legislative changes or James Howard about the process for submitting bookstore adoptions. Additional details, messages and support will be provided as the deadline approaches.


Alix Gitelman

Vice Provost for Academic Affairs & Senior Vice Provost

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