Webinar presentation, "Trends in Oregon Latinx Student"

The Office of Undergraduate Education hosted a webinar entitled, “Trends in Oregon Latinx students,” October 14th, 2020. In this talk, Manuel Vazquez, Senior Researcher at Education Northwest, summarized trends in Latinx enrollment at Oregon K-12 public schools, postsecondary enrollment of Latinx high school graduates (including enrollment trends at OSU), and describe the characteristics of Latinx high school graduates who have enrolled at OSU in the past three years. Discussion was led by Daniel López-Cevallos, Assistant Vice Provost of Academic Enrichment Programs.

Manuel Vazquez’s research and evaluation interests are focused on programs and policies geared toward English learners, immigrant students, and postsecondary success. He contributes expertise in quantitative methods, mixed methods research, and data visualization. Prior to joining Education Northwest, Manuel supported evaluation efforts for the United Nations in Myanmar and managed a math and literacy program in his hometown of Oxnard, California. Manuel holds a Master’s in Economic Development from Columbia University.

Final report: Trends in Oregon Latinx students, Education Northwest