University Student-Learning Assessment Council (USLAC)


The University Student-Learning Assessment Council (USLAC) provides leadership and oversight for the development and implementation of rigorous assessment of student-learning practices across the academic programs of Oregon State University. The USLAC fosters a robust culture of continuous program improvement through the assessment of student learning for all academic programs, regardless of delivery modalities or location. Specifically, the USLAC will: 

  • Function in part as a learning community where the exchange of ideas and information is used to inform student learning assessment and stimulate assessment projects broadly across the university;

  • Keep the university community apprised of expectations for assessment related to OSU's regional accreditation standards and best practices for institutions of higher education;

  • Identify and highlight exemplary assessment practices within the colleges; and

  • Identify and monitor programs in need of improvement in their assessment practices.

The USLAC is composed of representatives from key areas of university: academic, administrative, and student support. The USLAC is chaired by the Assistant Vice Provost, Assessment and Accreditation. As appropriate recommendations from USLAC may be elevated to the Provost Council of Deans or the Vice Provost for Academic Affairs and Accreditation Liaison Officer (Alix Gitelman).