Units Focused on Educational Effectiveness

  • Center for Teaching and Learning

    The CTL promotes teaching and learning excellence by fostering systematic, intentional improvements to pedagogical practices and better assessment.

  • Difference, Power, and Discrimination Program

    The DPD Program works with faculty to develop inclusive curricula that address institutionalized systems of power, privilege, and inequity in the United States.

  • Writing Intensive Curriculum Program

    The WIC Program supports and instructs faculty across the disciplines who are developing and teaching writing intensive courses as part of OSU's Baccalaureate Core requirements.

  • Curriculum Management/Assessment & Accreditation

    Curriculum Management and Assessment and Accreditation provides information and guidance on all matters related to academic policies, procedures, programs, and curricula.

  • Adaptive and Personalized Learning

    Adaptive and Personalized Learning platforms provide customized learning opportunities to students.

  • University Innovation Alliance

    The UIA works to identify innovative practices that will increase the number and diversity of college graduates in the United States.

  • Transfer Transitions

    Transfer Transitions assess and support efforts to increase and equalize retention and graduation rates for undergraduate transfer students.

  • University Accreditation

    Oregon State University is accredited by the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities. OSU also maintains a number of specialized and professional accreditations through discipline-specific accrediting bodies.

  • International Direct Services for First-Year International Students


    As part of the First-Year Experience for international students, OSU offers an additional layer of academic and personal support services through INTO OSU, referred to as International Direct.

Units Providing High Impact Opportunities

  • Office of Global Opportunities

    OSU GO prepares students to graduate with enhanced global awareness and intercultural skills.

  • STEM Leaders

    The OSU STEM Leaders Program is designed to increase the diversity and success of undergraduates in STEM fields.

  • Office of Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and the Arts

    The Office of URSA helps to facilitate undergraduate engagement in scholarly projects mentored by faculty in all disciplines.

  • Air Force ROTC

    The Air Force ROTC mission is to produce leaders for the Air Force and build better citizens for America.

  • Army ROTC

    Army ROTC provides leadership development, military skills, and career training.

  • Navy ROTC

    The Navy ROTC provides learning opportunities and experience to college students in support of their goal to become junior officers in the Navy and Marine Corps.