Undergraduate Education Council


The Undergraduate Education Council (UEC) is charged with facilitating and enhancing communication among colleges, departments, and administrative units in a proactive and collaborative way by providing for meaningful improvements in the services, programs, and experiences associated with OSU’s undergraduate students. With the introduction of the new Strategic Plan in 2024, the UEC will focus on translating the plan’s three strategic goals (big discoveries driving big solutions, every student graduates, and fuels a thriving world in every dimension) into actions through an Undergraduate Education lens. These may include bold and achievable tactics such as:   

  • Set academic unit targets for retention and graduation and reward success. 
  • Launch a signature first-year onboarding experience, including reformed first year advising. 
  • Strengthen partnerships with community colleges. 

The UEC retains a focus on existing and on-going student success efforts, with a constant eye on policies and procedures that may impact student progression and success.  

Recommendations from the UEC may be brought to the attention of the Provost Council of Deans, the Provost’s Senior Leadership Team, the Faculty Senate, University Leadership team, and other entities for further consideration and action. 


2023-2024 Academic year meetings

UEC membership is required for Box access. Please contact Mary Gardner concerning access.

September 14th, 2023




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