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Our workshops have been formatted to provide students with a space to gain tools for getting involved in research at Oregon State University. Each of our workshops are tailored to help students at the beginning, middle, and beyond their research journeys. 

Fall Term Workshops

pre-recorded video and elevator pitch workshop

Our Pre-recorded Video and Elevator Pitch Workshop helps prepare students to present in the annual Fall Virtual Symposium. Join us to learn how to create your presentation and the steps needed to upload everything you need onto Canvas.

4:00-5:00pm PT

Wed., Sept. 27 Registration (Zoom)

Mon., Oct. 9 Registration (Zoom)


URSA Engage Informational 

Our URSA Engage Informational workshop gives students introduces an early career research program for first year students, second year students, and transfer students in their first year.

4:00-5:00pm PT

Tues., Oct. 17 Registration (In-person in LINC 303) 

Wed., Oct. 18 Registration (Zoom)


Fall Term Workshops

research ready

Research is for everyone! Join our Research Ready workshop to learn the essential steps to immerse yourself in research or creative projects. Let URSA guide you through the process of identifying a  faculty mentor and explore the array of resources available for emerging student researchers.

4:00-5:00pm PT

Mon., Nov. 6 Registration (In-Person in LINC 314) 

Tues., Nov. 7 Registration (Zoom)

Winter Term Workshops

Getting the most from undergraduate research (gtmfur)

Join us for our GTMFUR workshop to learn how to navigate the mentor-mentee relationship. Within this topic we'll cover some of the common situations that undergraduate researchers may find themselves in and provide tips on how to navigate them. 

4:00-5:00pm PT

Mon., Feb. 5 Registration (LINC 307) 

Tues., Feb. 6 Registration (Zoom)

Can't make it? Check out our pre-recorded video.

GTMFUR Pre-Recorded Video

Spring Term Workshops

Poster and Elevator Pitch Workshop

Our Poster and Elevator Pitch Workshop is your guide to excel at the annual Spring Poster Symposium. Join us and gain expertise in crafting impactful research posters, navigating the printing process, and honing your elevator pitch.

5:00-6:30pm PT

Tues., Apr. 23 Registration (Library Autzen Room) 

Mon., Apr 29 Registration (Zoom)

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