URSA student's article published

The office of Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and Arts, (URSA) is proud to announce two students, Theresa Mai and Sydney Pruitt have recently been published by SAGE publishing, for the Society for the Teaching of Psychology, Teaching of Psychology. The article "Predicting Learning: Comparing study Techniques, Perseverance, Metacognitive Skill" can be found here. The research article was published November 11th, 2020.

"This research publication is a testament to OSU's strong efforts to foster and catalyze undergrad research. In response to the 2019 call for the URSA engage program, Theresa Mai and Sydney Pruitt expressed a desire to better understand the process of learning and factors that influence it. Given my Applied Social Cognition (ASC) lab focuses on teaching and learning and had ongoing work on this topic it was a natural fit. Combined with my interests in study behaviors, Theresa brought her interests in how studying varies by different classes, and Sydney brought her interests in distractions. Senior undergrad Matthew Nelson added his interests in grit and we combined to do a comprehensive study of learning. The students developed the survey, took full part in the IRB process and then all analyses the data. They then all wrote sections of the paper that after a round of revisions was published online this week, " commented Regan Gurung, Ph.D., Director of General Psychology program and Applied Social Cognition lab and Professor, School of Psychological Science.

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