What to Expect in the URSA Engage Process

We know it may seem like an intimidating process, check out below for a little insight into what to expect as you prepare to fill out your application.

URSA Engage Application Questions:

As you begin your URSA Engage Application, you will see the three essay questions listed below. The required word count for these essay questions is 1000 characters each. (Note: 1,000 characters is between 142 words and 250 words with spaces included in the character count.)

QUESTION 1: In your own words, please provide a description of the project-related activities you will participate in for the URSA Engage Program. 
QUESTION 2: How will participating in URSA Engage impact you personally and professionally? 
QUESTION 3: What is an obstacle you have faced in getting to where you are now and how have you addressed it? 
URSA Engage Application
*Note: A faculty mentor must agree to work with you BEFORE you can apply for URSA Engage. 

Financial Aid Award

Students in this program receive an award of $1000 which will be transferred into the student’s OSU account as two installments. $500 will be applied in the Winter term, and $500 in the Spring term after we have verified you are continuing in your project.

It is possible that this award could affect a student's financial aid package. If you are concerned that your financial aid may be impacted, please contact a Financial Aid Advisor.


Unanswered questions? Feel free to email us at [email protected]
Office of Undergraduate Research