Our ambassadors are experienced undergraduate researchers here to help you navigate through your own research journey. 

Feel free to reach out through their emails below or find them in LINC 466 on Mondays and Tuesdays from 1:00pm-2:55pm (only during weeks 1-10)!

Can't make these times? Email [email protected] to schedule a one-on-one meeting with our team. 

Amanda Kent


Contact: [email protected] 

Studying: Oceanography

Research experience: Pacific krill and the value they have on ecosystems off of the Oregon coast and grazing impacts on zooplankton from harmful algal blooms off of the coast of Alaska.

Things I’m passionate about: Spending time with family and friends, helping students learn more about research, educating others on plankton and how they are important for the marine food web, exploring Oregon waterfalls, and being with my companion animals. 

Auria Lee


Contact: [email protected] 

Studying: Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Research experience: Biosynthesis of bioactive compounds/natural products in bacteria species, and regulatory system manipulation in order to maximize production of potentially important drugs.

Things I’m passionate about: Public health and cycles of poverty, equal and adequate health access, helping others pursue their goals and education, listening and learning from people’s stories.

Jessica Etter (B.S, Chemistry)


Contact: [email protected]

Studying: Her graduate research involves studying oxylipins as a potential biomarker for neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson's.  

Research experience: Her undergraduate research focused on the potential chemopreventive properties of cruciferous vegetables

What I'm passionate about:  I am an avid crocheter, I also love weightlifting and hanging out with my dog Buddy!

Kabyanjali Amatya


[email protected]

Studying: BioHealth

Research experience: Studied the effects of Empagliflozin (EMPA) on GLUT4 translocation in order to increase glucose uptake within cells, especially for patients that are insulin resistant.  

Things I'm passionate about: Women Empowerment, Helping others, Dance, Baking, Books, and Spending time with my family and friends. 

Rana Almassmoum


Contact: [email protected]

Studying: Marine Studies with a minor in Natural Resources

Research experience: The importance of mussels as foundation species along the Oregon coast and how their presence increases habitat complexity and affects macro invertebrate communities in terms of richness, abundance, and diversity.

Things I'm passionate about: Marine conservation and the crises facing our oceans, environmental justice, exploring tide pools along the Oregon coast, and studying the diverse and unusual marine invertebrates inhabiting these coastal ecosystems.

Lizbeth Salamanca


Contact: [email protected]

Studying: Psychology

Research experience: Obstacles and Barriers Latinx Students Face in their Pursuit for Higher Education (OSU), and Comparison of Broccolini Varieties – Yield and Other Key Traits (UMN).

Things I’m passionate about: Sustainable Agriculture, Social Justice, My dog (Skipper) and my cat (Merlin), and culturally relevant food.

Sahana Shah


Contact: [email protected]

Studying: Biochemistry and Biophysics with minors in Spanish and Chemistry, and the Medical Humanities Certificate 

Research experience: Bioinformatics to understand gene regulatory networks in cancer, biophysical characterization of the COVID N and cytochrome c proteins, and evaluating the effect of genetic background on the development of neutropenia in lung transplant patients.

Things I’m passionate about: Equity for minorities and people with disabilities in STEM, advocating for menstrual freedom, dance, music, and equal access to education!