OSU students who have engaged in research/creative activities that meet the criteria below can be formally recognized for these efforts by an honor designation on their transcripts as a “Research Fellow” or an “Arts Fellow” as appropriate. 
Students who receive this notation may wear a blue honor cord at commencement ceremonies.

What constitutes a significant research/creative project?

It will vary by major/discipline. In the sciences, it could be a laboratory research project. In the liberal arts, it might be a creative effort in music, visual, or performance arts.  In engineering, it might be the design of a novel device for automating a process. In any case, the project must be overseen and approved by an OSU faculty mentor.

Who decides if the project qualifies?

Your OSU faculty mentor for the project. The following are eligible to serve as OSU faculty mentors:

  1. Professorial Faculty (Assistant/Associate/Full Professor/Professor of Practice)
  2. Instructors who are engaged in research or creative activities
  3. Professional Faculty who are engaged in research or creative activities

Graduate students and post-doctoral scholars are not eligible to serve as the OSU faculty mentor but may mentor undergraduates seeking the “Research Fellow” or “Arts Fellow” along with the OSU faculty mentors.

Can the work be done away from OSU?

Yes, but it must be certified by an OSU faculty mentor as meeting the criteria above.

Can I graduate and then add this to my transcript later?

No. The form along with all required documents and signatures must be submitted by noon on Monday of finals week of the term in which you are graduating. The notation cannot be added after you graduate.

What qualifies as an appropriate project presentation?

Various options satisfy this requirement. You could present your work at the Celebrating Undergraduate Excellence (CUE) poster session at OSU in spring term or at the OSU Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium. You could also present your work at a symposium or conference organized by an OSU College or Department/School, or regional, national or international conferences. Other options for communicating your work include publishing your work in a professional journal, doing a public performance (e.g. a recital or concert), or defending your thesis.

What is the difference between a Research Fellow and an Arts Fellow?

A “Research Fellow” will be a student who has engaged in activities leading to uncovering new knowledge or applying existing knowledge to solving problems. An “Arts Fellow” will be a student completing a significant creative project in the arts. Creative works may fall under the performance arts (theater, dance, music, etc.), media (video, film), writing, or the visual arts.

Can a student receive both the Research Fellow and the Arts Fellow notations?

Yes, both notations can be awarded to the same student but not for the same project. The student will need to apply for both forms of notation separately.

How can I get more information?

We are here to help! Either email us at [email protected] or stop by our office during drop-in undergraduate research advising hours, which can be found here.