Oregon State University recognizes significant engagement and accomplishment in undergraduate research and the arts by awarding an honorary distinction of “Research Fellow” or “Arts Fellow” to students in any major upon completion of a significant research or creative arts project under the mentorship of an OSU faculty mentor. The distinction will be noted on the student’s transcript, and the student may wear a blue honor cord at graduation ceremonies. 
Transcript notation also gives future degree programs and employers a more complete picture of a student’s background and interests.

What constitutes a significant research/creative project?

“Research/Creativity” is defined here as modes of scholarship and inquiry as they are variously practiced and defined in OSU’s academic disciplines. It will vary by major/discipline. In the sciences, it could be a laboratory research project. In the liberal arts, it might be a creative effort in music, visual, or performance arts. In any case, the project must be overseen and approved by an OSU faculty mentor.

Important Details

  • A "Research Fellow" will be a student who has engaged in activities leading to uncovering new knowledge or applying existing knowledge to solving problems.
  • An “Arts Fellow” is a student completing a significant creative project in the arts. Creative projects may fall under the performance arts (theater, dance, music, etc.), media (video, film), writing, or the visual arts.
  • Transcript Notation will show up on your unofficial transcript and diploma after you graduate. E-transcripts are free and delivered to your email un under an hour. You can view this notation now by requesting your official transcript here. Paper transcripts are $10 each. 
  • You will also be eligible to wear a royal blue honor cord (available for purchase at the OSU Beaver Store) during your Commencement ceremony. 

Requirements to Apply for a Transcript Notation

  • Students can seek both the “Research Fellow” and the “Arts Fellow" notation on their transcript but it must be for separate projects.

  • Presenting your research at the Spring Poster Symposium, Fall Virtual Symposium, or another Symposium is a requirement to qualify for the Transcript Notation.

  • Students may apply for transcript notation at any time. If you are a graduating student, the deadline to apply is Monday of Week 10. 


Uploading Digital Files to the Scholars Archive (Optional Unless Required by Program)

  • Please click here for instructions on how to submit your presentation to ScholarsArchive.
  • When asked what your "Non-Academic Affiliation" is, select Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and the Arts (URSA)

The Transcript Notation application is a separate application and would still need to be done after submitting your project/thesis to the Scholars Archive

*If you do not find the answers you are looking for, please feel free to email ugr@oregonstate.edu

Office of Undergraduate Research