Oregon State University recognizes significant engagement and accomplishment in undergraduate research and the arts by awarding an honorary distinction of “Research Fellow” or “Arts Fellow” to students in any major upon completion of a significant research or creative arts project under the mentorship of an OSU faculty mentor. The distinction will be noted on the student’s transcript, and the student may wear a blue honor cord at graduation ceremonies.

How to apply:

Apply for Transcript Notation


You may also upload your presentation or thesis into Scholar's Archive, please talk to your research advisor about this option:

Upload to Scholar's Archive


  • A “Research Fellow” will be a student who has engaged in activities leading to uncovering new knowledge or applying existing knowledge to solving problems.
  • An “Arts Fellow” is a student completing a significant creative project in the arts. Creative projects may fall under the performance arts (theater, dance, music, etc.), media (video, film), writing, or the visual arts.
  • Professorial Faculty (Assistant/Associate/Full Professor/Professor of Practice)
  • Instructors who are engaged in research or creative activities
  • Professional Faculty who are engaged in research or creative activities
  • Students can seek both the “Research Fellow” and the “Arts Fellow" notation on their transcript but for separate projects.

  • Graduate students and post-doctoral scholars are not eligible to serve as the OSU faculty mentor but may mentor undergraduates seeking the “Research Fellow” or “Arts Fellow” along with the OSU faculty mentors.

  • If you are in the OSU Honors College, please work with Bailey Garvin at [email protected] to receive Transcript Notation.

  • If you are in the BioResource Research Program, please work with Wanda Crannell at [email protected] to receive Transcript Notation.

  • Students who present at CUE or SURS may opt-in to receive automatic transcript notation. 

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