In order to qualify for Work Study, you must have completed your FAFSA. If you are selected to receive Work Study, it will appear as part of your OSU financial aid package. To review this package, go to, then click the tab that says “Paying for College.” Within this tab, you will find your financial aid award letter which will indicate whether or not you have received a Work Study award. OSU typically notifies students about Work Study awards in April. Students who are notified that they will be receiving Work Study in April will be able to use the award the following school year (starting July 1st). This letter will also indicate the number of dollars the student can receive through Work Study.

Your exact wage will depend on the position you are being hired for, but you will be paid at least minimum wage.

You will be paid for your work on an hourly basis through OSU Payroll. Your Work Study award letter will indicate how many dollars you can receive for work completed through the Work Study program. Keep in mind that OSU restricts your combined work schedule to 20 hours a week when enrolled as a full-time student.

The first step is to communicate to your faculty mentor that you are receiving Work Study as part of your financial aid award. You can advise them to read the Faculty Work Study FAQs section for more information about how to hire you through the Work Study program. In some cases, this may even increase your chances of getting paid to conduct research since the cost to the faculty mentor is greatly reduced.