Instructions to students

Students can begin making their lightning talks even before they've been added to the SURS Canvas site. Below are the steps for getting started.

Creating your Lightning Talk in PowerPoint

  1. Download PowerPoint. If you do not already have PowerPoint, follow the directions here to download a free copy through OSU’s license.
  2. Make a few slides about your research. Keep in mind your talk must be 3 minutes or less so you should have approximately 5-10 slides. There are several options for receiving help on designing the content of your lightning talk
    • Tips for making a lightning talk can be found here!
    • Model presentation examples can be found here
    • Get one-on-one support at our virtual, drop-in advising hours any Monday and Tuesday from 1-3 pm.
  3. When uploading your talk into the SURS Canvas site, you will be asked to upload a transcript of your talk along with the recording for accessibility purposes. We recommend writing out what you plan to say and using it as a script as you record your voice-over.

Recording your Voiceover in Kaltura

Video Tutorial

  1. Go to and log-in on the upper right-hand corner. Navigate to "My Media" and click "add new" and then "recording tools/capture" in the toolbar at the top. This is where you will access the Kaltura Software that will be used to record your voice-over presentation.
  2. This will prompt you to authorize and download the Kaltura app that will be required for you to record your voice over.
  3. Open Kaltura and give the necessary permissions to allow for screen recording.
  4. Open your PowerPoint presentation and press the record button when you’re ready to deliver your presentation.
  5. Press the square stop button on the Kaltura window when you’re finished recording. Use your first and last name (e.g. “Stephanie Ramos”) as the name of the video.
  6. Upload your recording when prompted. Be sure the progress bar reaches 100%.

Posting your Presentation in Canvas

  1. Navigate back to (sign-in if not already logged on), click on your name, then click My Media.
  2. Click on the video title to bring up your recording. Scroll down below the video preview and click on "Details" and then "Share".
  3. The “embed code” should automatically be highlighted. Copy this text.
  4. Click on “Modules” on the left-hand column in the SURS Canvas page and find the module with your college listed.
  5. Find your name and project title and click to open your personal discussion. It should appear blank.
  6. Click “reply” to open a text box, click HTML editor, and paste the embed code that was copied on the previous page.
  7. The next step is to enter your transcript below your embed code. After you’ve posted the embed code, click “reply" to enter your transcript below the video.
  8. We will go in and move the embed code and transcript up into the discussion header before the event.