Anyone can get involved in undergraduate research! In most cases, you don't need any prior research experience or a perfect GPA to participate. Students from all backgrounds engage in research with faculty mentors at OSU, including transfer students, first-generation college students, and students earning their degrees from a distance. Students from all disciplines participate in research as undergraduates. While many students work with a faculty mentor, some undergraduate researchers are mentored by graduate students.

“I'm so happy I found the Office of URSA. As an Ecampus student, it's so easy to feel completely disconnected from the University and the Office of URSA has provided me with more information about opportunities than any other department or person at OSU. I cannot thank you enough.”
– Allison Profeta

There are a ton of benefits associated with participating in undergraduate research. Click here to learn more about why you might want to get involved.

We break down the process of getting involved in research into three key steps. Some students follow these steps knowing they have an organized undergraduate research program they want to apply for. Others follow these steps independently of a program. Click the links below to learn more!

  1. Identify your research interests

  2. Contact a faculty mentor

  3. Meet with a faculty mentor

Stage 2 is intended to help students navigate various aspects of a research experience that are generally shared across disciplines.

Sharing your research with both the broader community and professionals within your field is arguably one of the most rewarding aspects of undergraduate research. Doing so allows you to network, enhance your resume, share what you’ve learned, develop your own understanding of your work, and experience the real-world applications of your studies.

If you wish to present your work, there’s definitely a conference out there for you! Hover over our "Presentation Opportunities" tab to explore your options. Different conferences have different presentation formats. Click these links for more information about designing a lightning talk, a 10-minute talk, and a poster.

You can view recorded and poster presentation examples here.

If you're planning to publish your work, here are some journals that might be appropriate!

Engaging in research as an undergraduate can strengthen your CV, provide important connections for letters of recommendation, and increase your chances to obtain a research position once you graduate. Our undergraduate research and career development page, which was designed in collaboration with OSU's Career Development Center, is intended to help students leverage a research experience when applying for jobs or graduate programs.

In addition, OSU recognizes significant engagement in undergraduate research and the arts by awarding a distinction of “Research Fellow” or “Arts Fellow” to students in any major upon completion of a significant research or creative arts project under the mentorship of an OSU faculty mentor. The distinction will be noted on the student’s transcript, and the student may wear a blue honor cord at graduation ceremonies. Click here to learn more about Transcript Notation.

If you want to make engaging in research a priority during your time at OSU, click here for one possible timeline you could follow during your first year. Keep in mind that there are many different ways to engage in research beyond those listed here.

Please join us at drop-in advising hours to learn more!