Faculty Tools and Resources available to help you connect with your students

Opportunities to get Involved

URSA Engage

URSA Engage is designed to establish mentoring relationships for undergraduates early in their academic programs at OSU. 

Research for Undergraduates Network (RUN)

The Research for Undergraduates Network (RUN) is a community of undergraduate research mentors (faculty, graduate students, & post-docs) and those who facilitate undergraduate research programs at OSU.

Mentoring Tools

Creating a Mentoring Agreement

Mentor agreements operate similar to a contract between faculty and students outlining goals, expectations, and other aspects of collaborative work. 

Remote Mentoring Strategies

Here you can find strategies that OSU mentors are currently using to keep their undergraduates engaged in research while working remotely. 

Excellence in Faculty Mentoring

Mentor of the Year

The Office of Undergraduate Research; Graduate School; Research Office; and Faculty Affairs invite nominations for the Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring Awards. 

Center for Teaching and Learning

The mission of the Center for Teaching and Learning is to inspire, cultivate, recognize and celebrate teaching excellence at Oregon State University.  

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