Important Steps with Links (see timeline for dates):

  • Step 1: Faculty Submit a Mentor Summary Form - (closed now)
  • Step 2: Read through "Student Information" below. Please pay special attention to the "Eligibility" rules before contacting any potential mentors.
  • Step 3: Students Review Faculty Mentor Summaries
  • ***Students cannot apply to the program unless they have a faculty member who agrees to serve as their mentor if they are accepted. During step 3, students should contact faculty of interest via the links in the Faculty Mentor Summary to discuss projects and mentorship.
  • Step 4 (optional): Students attend an information session (same content in each)
  • Step 5: Students fill out the Student Application. Please note that mentors can help students formulate ideas but the application need to be written in the student's own words. Students will be assessed on their ability to articulate the professional and personal impacts of the project, their grasp of their role in the project and what needs to be accomplished, their ability to articulate an experience dealing with adversity, and the overall quality of their application. 
    • Notification of awards will be sent out in late January


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