Presenting Your Research

Below you will find information on two of OSU's yearly research symposiums as well as the opportunity to present research outside of OSU. 

There you will find important submission requirements, deadlines, contact information, and additional conference resources. Be sure to communicate with your faculty mentor to make sure this conference is appropriate for your project and that you will be able to meet all submission requirements by the deadline. 

If you are interested in presenting your research, talking to your research mentor or advisor about conferences within your field is a good place to start. You can also reach out to the Office of Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and the Arts (URSA) for suggestions.

CUE is an annual showcase held in May for OSU undergraduates.

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SURS is an annual showcase held in September for OSU undergraduates.

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Here's a list of conferences all over the world that undergraduates are encouraged to present at!

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How to Create Your Pre-Recorded Talk

A pre-recorded talk is a concise, oral presentation about your research that usually last either 3 minutes or 10 minutes. Here you will find tips and suggestions to help you develop your virtual presentation.

How to Write an Abstract

An abstract is a brief summary of your research or creative project, usually about a paragraph long (250-350 words).



How to Make a Poster

As an undergraduate researcher, chances are that you will be communicating your hard work in the form of a research poster. Here you will find tools on formatting and what to include.

How to Get Your Poster Printed

Free or low-cost personal design consultation and printing of posters for undergraduate students is available at Student Media Services (SMS).