How to Create a Pre-Recorded Talk for Virtual Symposiums

Creating Your Pre-Recorded Talk

A pre-recorded talk is a virtual presentation lasting either 3 minutes or 10 minutes, given at a conference or similar virtual forum, such as Canvas. In our case, these are presented as a video presentation. Click above to find tips, suggestions, and to see examples of pre-recorded talks.

Recording your Voiceover in Kaltura and Uploading it to Canvas

Click the link above to learn tips on creating your presentation through PowerPoint as well as uploading and recording your pre-recorded presentation on Kaltura. 

Pre-Recorded Talk FAQs

How to Make a Poster for In-Person Symposiums

Research posters are designed to summarize information or research, while being concise and attractive to the public. Posters are used in research symposiums like Celebrating Undergraduate Excellence and Summer Undergraduate Research Symposium. Click below to see tips, suggestions, and a poster example.

Click Here to Learn More About Putting Together Your Poster

How to Get Your Poster Printed

Printing services at SMS are reserved for Academic Projects only. 
Student Multimedia Services will gladly support Oregon State University class assignments, conferences, or research projects. 

Click Here For More Information on Printing Your Poster

How to Write an Abstract 

An abstract is a brief summary of your research or creative project, usually about a paragraph long (250-350 words), and is written when you are ready to present your research or included in a thesis or research publication.

Below you will find more information on the main components of an abstract and tips on putting one together.

Click Here to Learn More about Writing your Abstract

How to Write A Presentation Transcript

When you present create a pre-recorded talk, it is recommended that you create a transcript to be included below your video presentation so your viewers can easily follow along as you speak. 

Click here to Learn More About Putting Together Your Transcript


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