Getting Started

You can find all the information on the Canvas page or by visiting the creating your lightning talk page. You can email [email protected] with other questions. 

You can talk about what you have done so far and what you are planning to do going forward as well as anticipated impacts. It is important to note that your project does not need to be complete to present your work. If you look at the example lightning talks, you can try to keep it in this general format.

You should be able to add the supplemental information as a comment. It might depend on the size. You can always let folks know you can email them more information.  

It is okay to go a little over, but the best-case scenario would be to be right at 3 minutes. The closer to the 3 minutes the better!

All presentations should be 3-minutes or less, regardless of how many presenters there are. If you would like to be considered for a 10-minute plenary talk, please email the [email protected]


1) You can write out your script and read it directly when you are recording. 2) You may record your talk on Kaltura and use the transcript function on Google Docs to transcribe your presentation. 3) You can get a transcript directly from Kaltura

Please attend our drop-in undergraduate research advising hours on Mondays and Tuesdays from 1-3 pm via Zoom to speak with an ambassador if you have any questions. 

Kaltura, Recording Presentations and Troubleshooting

Yes, you can use Zoom. Another option for screen recording is to use Kaltura on Canvas. Here is a tutorial that you will find helpful. You can email [email protected] with other questions. 

Posting your Presentation and Interacting on Canvas

You do not need to post your slides. However, you will be sharing the transcript. If someone asks for your slides, please make sure your faculty mentor approves of this first before sending your information. 

We require transcripts to accommodate for a user-friendly experience for all participants.  

The end of your slides would be a good place to include citations. Here is a page to reference for more information on citations. You can also confirm with your faculty mentor what citation format they prefer. 

If you have time at the end, please include an acknowledgment slide. This is where you can thank your mentor(s) and highlight any special funding you received to complete this project. 

Any disrespect, bullying, or harassment of people and their identities will not be tolerated. If you witness or experience any incidences of this, please email us at [email protected].

Please respond to all the posts on your discussion board. If the question is repetitive, interact by responding using or rephrasing the answer you have shared. Think of how you would interact if we were in person.  

Please submit your presentation by 11:59 pm on the 9th to ensure your board is ready. 


The Canvas page will be open to the public on September 13th at 8 am. Presenters and faculty will have been added before that date to review and finalize the presentation.  

You should receive an email to the email address you used to register. Please check your spam folder. You can also visit the Canvas site directly here

Please email the [email protected] saying you have not been added yet, and we will get you added in. You can also visit the Canvas site directly here to check if you are added. 

Only OSU-affiliated folks can join in Canvas, so they need an OSU ID. The plenary talks are open to the public. Folks can register here for those links.  

Last year we had over 200 community partners engaging in Canvas. Registration is still open, and we expect around the same amount of folks to participate. 

Mentor Questions

Your faculty mentor should have received an email from the Office of URSA with information on how to approve. If they did not receive it ask them to check their spam folder or email our office at [email protected] to approve the application.  


Email [email protected] about where you are in the process. We will make sure that your faculty approved the presentation. If you have an email confirmation approving your final presentation, feel free to forward it to us.


No, you cannot present without the approval of your faculty mentor. Please have your faculty mentor email us their confirmation, and we will add you to Canvas once you are approved. 

If you work more closely with a graduate student, post-doc, lab manager, or other student, you will need approval from the faculty mentor they report to.