One key feature of effective mentoring is establishing clear expectations from the beginning. We have created a sample mentoring agreement for you to use with your undergraduate researcher(s) in order to make communication clearer and more effective. After making this document your own, you may want to go over this agreement with new undergraduate researchers at your first meeting. Clearly articulating these details at the beginning of a student’s research experience could lead to a wide range of benefits, including preserving expensive equipment, avoiding miscommunication, contributing to a student’s sense of belonging, increasing student productivity and independence, and streamlining the research process.

"The sample mentoring agreement provided a strong foundation for setting me and my undergraduate researcher up for success. The template was easy to edit and allowed me and my mentee to incorporate additional details as needed. We have referred back to it numerous times!" - Dr. Barbara Brody, Extension

"Students really appreciate the mentoring agreement. Each student goes over the agreement with me during one of our first meetings and we customize it for their own communication style, research project, etc." - Dr. Michelle Kutzler, Animal & Rangeland Sciences