Anna-Liisa Sepp & Kendra Jones

Anna-Liisa Sepp and Kendra Jones are bioengineering majors at OSU who have completed summer internships in the McCarthy Lab at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland. The McCarty Lab focuses on mechanisms of hemostasis in the blood, including platelet response to injury, atherosclerosis, and the fluid mechanics of circulation. With this group, Kendra worked to optimize two novel whole blood assays that investigated the signaling pathways of the neonatal platelet response and Anna-Liisa contributed to projects that involved the investigation of the variation in response in mother, infant, and infant umbilical cord blood platelets, the effects of fibronectin in platelet injury response, and the role of xanthohumol in platelet function in collaboration with the Stevens Lab at OSU. These research projects have provided opportunities for Anna-Liisa to present at conferences such as the national Biomedical Engineering Conference and Oregon Bioengineering Symposium and Kendra at the AIChE Annual Student Conference in 2017, as well as enable them to pursue publication in journals such as Platelets and Blood.

Kendra's advice for other students:

Take as many different opportunities that you can while maintaining your overall wellbeing and interests! Find out what is right for you and discover different career choices while you still have a great deal of mobility.

Anna-Liisa's advice for other students:

Take advantage of opportunities to be involved in research at OSU and beyond. Collaborations with other labs or institutions provide opportunities to work with several fields and widen your perspectives as a researcher.

Kendra DelToro

I'm a third year Zoology student. My URSA Engage research project was a continuation of research I had done the previous summer in James Rivers lab, and was focused on how native bee fitness is affected by varying forest fire severity. I’m currently involved with Ramesh Sagili Honeybee Health and Nutrition lab, and the David Maddison Ground Beetle Systematics lab. I have independent projects in both labs focusing on hive evaluation efficacy, and species description following a genus review of Brachypelus, respectively. URSA Engage allowed me to further explore the interface between insects and their environment through a forestry application, and was the first project I had that was independent from beginning to end. I presented my URSA Engage research at the 2018 SACNAS National Diversity in STEM conference, and won first place for my oral presentation on the same research at the 2019 Regional LSAMP conference.

Advice for other students:

Take advantage of OSU’s undergraduate research funding opportunities and seek ways to leverage the experience into presentations and publications!