Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring by a Faculty Member Award for 2020


Sam Logan

Sam Logan
Assistant Professor and Director
Social Mobility Lab & Playtech Workshop 

Through his work, Sam Logan contributes to the fields of child development and rehabilitation through advances in innovative training and technology to improve the quality of life of children with disabilities. Since his hire at OSU in September 2014, Logan has built a successful research program that has set the standard for engagement with undergraduates in research mentoring. The most unique feature of this engagement is the synthesis of experiential learning, research mentoring and the immediate community impact of this work through programs like “Go, Baby, Go,” a community-based research, design, and outreach program that provides modified ride-on cars to young children who experience limited mobility. He exerts a high level of effort and engagement with undergraduate students from many disciplines via funded undergraduate research experiences, experiential learning courses, Honors College teaching, and theses supervision. Logan has mentored 54 students in for-credit experiential learning credit-bearing instruction. He has 21 conference presentations with 24 undergraduates as co-authors, and 6 peer-reviewed publications with 10 undergraduates as co-authors. Logan is an accessible and dependable mentor who provides comprehensive guidance to undergraduates from start to finish throughout their research experience.

Excellence in Undergraduate Research Mentoring by a Graduate Student or Post-doc Award for 2020


Sarah Graven

Sarah Gravem
Postdoctoral Scholar
Integrative Biology

Sarah Gravem is a postdoctoral fellow studying the ecological consequences of sea star wasting disease for intertidal communities in the Lubchenco-Menge research lab. Her appointment to leading the sea star wasting task force was based on her excellent research record and academic credentials, but she has also shown incredible talent in recruiting and advising undergraduate researchers to work on this and other lab projects. While at OSU she has advised or co-advised 46 undergraduates, 29 of whom were female and 10 were persons of color. So far, 2 of these students have entered Ph.D. programs, and 7 have joined MS programs. Particularly noteworthy is her success at recruiting and advising students for the SURE and URSA undergraduate scholarship programs. Each year since she arrived, she has spearheaded the lab’s efforts to recruit such students. Gravem works closely with each applicant, helping to identify a project, talking them through the concepts and details of how to do the project, editing proposals and manuscripts, helping them create posters and powerpoints, and providing enthusiastic encouragement throughout. Co-workers say the source of this success in mentorship is her incredible excitement with, and drive to succeed in science and pedagogy. She is a superb critic, and adept at helping to express ideas and provide creative suggestions for how to do research. All these talents are applied with equal fervor to colleagues at all levels, from scientists that have been active for decades to novices just starting to be aware of their career interests.