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College of Agricultural Sciences

Agricultural and Natural Resource Research 
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College of Agricultural Sciences Departments
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Applied Economics Faculty & Staff Research & Extension Scholarships
Animal & Rangeland Faculty & Staff Research  Scholarships
Biological & Ecological Engineering Faculty & Staff  Research Scholarships
Botany & Plant Pathology Faculty & Staff Research  Scholarships
Crop & Soil Science Faculty & Staff Research & Extension Scholarships
Environmental & Molecular Toxicology  Faculty & Staff Research Summer Undergraduate Research Scholarships 
Fisheries, Wildlife & Conservation  Faculty & Staff Research & Extension / Undergraduate Internships Scholarships
Food Science & Technology  Faculty & Staff Research  Scholarships
Horticulture Faculty & Staff Research & Extension Scholarships
Microbiology Faculty & Staff Research  Scholarships
BioResource Research Major Faculty & Staff Research  Grants & Scholarships
Entomology Faculty & Staff Research Scholarships
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College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

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CEOAS Research Focus Areas


Research spans physical oceanography, paleooceanography, nearshore science, elemental cycles, food webs, land-sea interaction and more.
The Geosphere Faculty study a range of Earth system processes such as volcanology, paleoclimatology, tectonics, coastal and sedimentary processes.
Atmospheric Sciences Faculty study a range of topics including air-sea interactions, climate dynamics and change, regional climate impacts, paleoclimate, polar processes and remote sensing.
Hazards Research focus includes coastal hazards, tectonics and volcanology, climate and sea-level change and human response to hazards.
Water Research focus includes water policy and conflict management, climate and society, and water science.
Geography and Geospatial Science Faculty use geospatial methods to examine water, climate and society, geospatial technologies and analysis, natural resources, planning and hazards.
Cryosphere Research focus includes glaciers, past climates, snow and ice dynamics, and polar ecosystems.
Past Climate Research focus includes cryosphere, past oceans, and the geosphere.

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College of Engineering

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College of Engineering Departments

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Biological and Ecological Engineering *See College of Agricultural Sciences*    
Chemical, Biological & Environmental Engineering Faculty & Staff Research and Innovation   
Civil and Construction Engineering Faculty & Staff Research Scholarships and Awards
Electrical Engineering & Computer Science Faculty & Staff Research and Innovation  
Mechanical, Industrial, & Manufacturing Engineering Faculty & Staff Research and Innovation  
Nuclear Science and Engineering Faculty & Staff Research and Innovation Scholarships and Fellowships

College of Liberal Arts

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Research Groups
Applied Social Cognition Lab - Dr. Regan Gurung, School of Psychological Science
CARVE Lab - Kristen Macuga, School of Psychological Science
Citizenship and Crisis Initiative - Dr. Christopher McKnight Nichols, School of History, Philosophy, and Religion
Disability and Social Interaction Lab - Dr. Kathleen Bogart, School of Psychological Science
Environmental Arts and Humanities Initiative - Jacob Darwin Hamblin
Health Equity and Addition Lab Dr. Sarah Dermody, School of Psychological Science
Interpersonal Sensitivity Lab - School of Psychological Science
Lab Theatre School of Arts and Communication
Marine Studies Initiative - Cynthia Leonard, MSI Academic Advisor
NEH Summer Institute 
OSU Policy Analysis Lab - Mark Edwards, School of Public Policy
Substance Use and Neurocognition Lab - Dr. Anita Cservenka, School of Psychological Science
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