Contact these people for more information on how to get involved in research in their college!

College of Agricultural Sciences

Wanda Crannell 
Interim Student Engagement Coordinator

Office: 541-737-2999
Strand Agricultural Hall 158A
[email protected] 


College of Engineering

Kathryn Walters 
Student Engagement Coordinator

Office: 541-737-7008
Johnson Hall 219
[email protected]


College of Pharmacy

Arup Indra 
Associate Professor

Office: 541-737-5775
Pharmacy Building 325
[email protected]


Carlson College of Veterinary Medicine

Patrick Chappell
Assistant Professor

Office: 541-737-5361
Magruder Hall 289
[email protected]

College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences

Erin Lieuallen
Experiential Learning Coordinator

Office: 541-747-1267
Wilkinson 102D

[email protected]


College of Forestry

Brooke Harrington 
Administrative Program Assistant

Office: 541-737-1593
[email protected]


College of Public Health and Human Sciences

Gretchen Dursch
Research Program Coordinator

Office: 541-207-1881
Hallie E. Ford Center 221
[email protected]

Honors College

Susan Rodgers
Associate Dean

Office: 541-737-6412
Learning Innovation Center 440
[email protected]

College of Education

Jana Bouwma-Gearheart
Dean of Research

Office: 541-737-2206
Joyce Collin Furman Hall 304K
[email protected]


College of Liberal Arts

Eric Dickey
Research Program Administrator

Office: 541-737-1537
Gilkey Hall 207
[email protected]


College of Science

Gabrielle James
Science Success Center Coordinator

Office: 541-737-3279
[email protected]