The Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative (CITI Program) is an online training program made up of educational courses on a variety of topics relating to ethics and research. Maintaining good ethics while conducting research is a crucial part of maintaining the public's trust in research, and CITI training will introduce you to the standards and expectations regarding ethics within the research field in various areas such as authorship, peer review, plagiarism, and more. 

Create a CITI Account

*You will not have to pay since you are affiliated with OSU

  • Go to 
  • Click “Register” and type in “Oregon State University” in the box labeled “Select Your Organization Affiliation”
    • Do not try to sign up through “Log In Through My Institution” as it will not work.
  • Enter your personal information and create a username and password to finish creating an account.
    • Be sure to use your OSU email address.

Choosing Courses

  • You will have to go through and answer a list of questions related to your research, but you do not have to take every course they offer. Speak with your research mentor about any additional CITI training courses you may need to take.
  • Sign up for the Conflict of Interest (COI) and Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) courses.
    • There are several types of RCR courses available to take, select the one that fits best with your research.
  • Add the COI course by responding “Yes” to the question, “Would you like to take the Conflict of Interest course?”
  • Respond “No” or “Not at this time” to any course you are not required to take. Be sure to click “Submit” when done answering the questions.
    • You can remove or add courses later if needed.
  • The registration process will be complete after you add courses to your account.

Completing the Courses

  • Click on the “Courses” tab to view the course.
  • If OSU does not appear under “Institutional Courses”, click “Add Institutional Affiliation” and select “OREGON STATE UNIVERSITY”.
  • Under the section “Institutional Courses” select the “View Courses” button next to OSU.
  • If you have not started the course, it will be under “Courses Ready to Begin”.
  • Click the “Start Now” button to begin the course.
  • Complete the “Integrity Assurance Statement” by clicking “I accept” after reviewing the information on that page.
  • There are two options to view a module: audio-visual or classic. The audio-visual option presents the information through an interactive slideshow while the classic option is comprised primarily of text with some graphics.
    • The COI course has 3 required modules and 2 optional modules, each of the 3 modules has a 5 question quiz associated with it that you need 100% on to pass the course. The quizzes are able to be retaken.
    • The number of modules in the RCR course will vary depending on the course type. Each module has a 5 question quiz associated with it that you need 100% on to pass the course.

Useful Links

  • CITI Program customer support information is available here:
  • If you need to merge multiple CITI accounts, please refer to the CITI website FAQs or call their Customer Support group for assistance.
  • If you know you are required to take a particular course but are unsure about which one you need, then contact that OSU office for clarification.

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