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Office Mission

The Undergraduate Research Definition Task Force of the Council on Undergraduate Research (CUR) defines research as inspiring expansion that encompasses various types of projects, mentors and mentees in diverse fields, institution types and settings, and mentors and students from a range of academic and personal backgrounds. Undergraduate research, scholarship, and creative inquiry enriches undergraduate education and helps students achieve their academic and career goals through the critical skills they gain and sharpen through these experiences. 

The Office of Undergraduate Research (OUR) works to connect undergraduate students interested in conducting research or creative work experiences at OSU by providing tools and resources to engage with professionals, present in symposiums, and interact with scientific or creative communities. Our office also manages the largest undergraduate research program at OSU, URSA Engage, which connects early-career students (first-year, second-year students, and transfer students in their first year) with dedicated faculty mentors.

Undergraduate research experiences promote student engagement in ways that traditional classroom instruction cannot. Faculty mentors can help students build confidence, develop problem-solving skills, refine career interests, and facilitate important connections for graduate school or employment after graduation.

Engaging in Research

Click below for research programs found at OSU, outside of OSU and ways to connect with specific faculty and departments.

Ways to get Involved in Research

Presenting Your Research

Now that you have done research, click below to see where you can present your research.

Opportunities to Present

Presentation Tools

Resources for Students

Here you will find resources available to students on ways to contact professors, interview to join research labs, and more.

Resources for Students

History of OUR

History of OUR

Interested in how the Office of Undergraduate Research began?  Click here to learn more about our comprehensive history and how we became who we are today.

OUR Programs 

URSA Engage(Winter term - Spring term)

Are you a first year, second year, or transfer student in your first year looking to get started in undergraduate research? Check out our URSA Engage page!

OUR Workshops


Unsure what steps to take on getting started in research or what steps to take to move from one research opportunity to another? Join us in one or more of our workshops to learn more!

Office of Undergraduate Research