Danielle Povinelli de Guerrero

Program Coordinator, Internships - Latin America, Namibia and [non-medical sites in] South Africa, Spain and the Caribbean
[email protected]

Office: 541-737-0717

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Danielle grew up in Oregon. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Latin American Studies from the University of Washington, and a Master of Arts in Teaching from Pacific University. She caught the travel bug from her grandparents, who flew all over the world in their homebuilt airplanes. Because of their special interest in biological conservation and ecotourism, the first trip they took her on was to the Galapagos Islands, which made an enduring impression and fueled her enthusiasm for international education. Danielle studied abroad in Costa Rica and has traveled throughout Latin America, as well as Southeast Asia, Japan, France, Italy, the British Isles, and the Arctic Circle. Her professional experience has focused on the intersection of language learning and international education; previous positions include teaching in language immersion programs serving migrant and immigrant populations, and, most recently, advising for World Languages and Cultures at OSU.

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