The Office of Global Opportunities (OSU GO) administers a number of scholarships for students intending to pursue international learning experiences. Scholarships may be used to: (1) offset the additional financial costs of studying abroad, (2) fund travel to pursue educational experiences, (3) conduct research internationally, or (4) reduce the program costs on a sponsored program, among other reasons. Please note that most of the scholarships listed below require that the education abroad program be at least four (4) to ten (10) weeks in length.

To be eligible for any of the following scholarships, you must have started your OSU GO application; however, your application does not need to be fully completed nor accepted by the program as of the OSU GO scholarship application deadline.

You may also want to visit the OSU's Prestigious Scholars page for additional scholarship information and tips for scholarships such as Gilman, Boren, Critical Languages and Fulbright among others.