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Name & Position Phone(s) E-mail
Adams, Christopher
Program Coordinator, Study Abroad & Internship Programs - Australia, Europe (except Spain), and Oceania

Office: 541-737-6463
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Grant, Jennifer
Information Coordinator

Office: 541-737-6465
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Hampton, Laura
Study Abroad Program Manager

Office: 541-737-6470
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Jewett, Jennifer
Program Coordinator, Faculty-led Programs & Study Abroad Programs in Latin America

Office: 541-737-0626
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Justice, Michele

Office: 541-737-6458
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Koser, Stephanie
Enrollment Manager

Office: 541-737-2884
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Letoria, Marilyn
Fiscal Coordinator

Office: 541-737-1948
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Mendez, Tavia
Incoming Exchange Coordinator and Affiliate Provider Program Assistant

Office: 541-737-2672
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Richardson, Talley
Administrative Program Assistant

Office: 541-737-6501
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Sorbo, Jandi
Program Coordinator, Study Abroad - Germany and Spain

Office: 541-737-6460
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Walkin, Julie
Faculty-led Programs Manager

Office: 541-737-6407
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