Major Advising Sheets

Curriculum integration is a growing effort by universities across the nation to integrate education abroad into the undergraduate curriculum. At the campus level, it is a collaboration between the international programs office and specific academic departments. Through curriculum integration, international programs staff help departments explore and articulate their philosophy toward education abroad, outline an appropriate timeline for students in their majors, and identify specific programs to recommend to their students.

OSU embraces curriculum integration as a means for ensuring that every undergraduate student has the opportunity to enhance their academic program with an international experience. International Programs is eager to work with interested departments to integrate education abroad into the curriculum. The resulting product is an Education Abroad Advising Sheet that serves as a guide for students in a specific major to incorporating an international experience into their academic program.

Education Abroad Major Advising Sheets


If your department is interested in curriculum integration of education abroad for your department and wishes to create a major advising sheet, please contact OSU GO.

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