Undergraduate Research

Participating in faculty-mentored research can transform an undergraduate’s educational experience and increase the likelihood of student success. The literature cites many cases where undergraduate research experiences are highly influential on STEM students’ academic success, retention, career clarification, and pursuit of graduate studies. The connections students forge with faculty members as a result of engaging in undergraduate research also provide students with professional access to their respective fields and build enthusiasm for the subject matter. Additionally, mentoring undergraduates through a research project can be a rewarding experience for faculty.  

Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and the Arts facilitates undergraduate engagement in scholarly projects mentored by faculty in all disciplines at Oregon State University. Hiring students who receive Federal Work Study support is an economical way to pay undergraduates to engage in research or scholarly work with faculty mentors.

Through the STEM Leaders Program, students from underrepresented groups in the colleges of Science, Engineering, and Agriculture gain access to paid undergraduate research, enroll in the U-SUCCEED course, receive peer mentoring, and interact with a community of students with similar interests.

Global Opportunities

Studying or interning abroad is a transformational, experiential opportunity that can greatly enhance a student's education. The OSU Office of Global Opportunities (OSU GO) provides over 200 international opportunities for education, internships, and research in more than 70 countries around the world. In addition, OSU faculty can lead short-term or term length study abroad programs.