Experiential Learning Opportunities (ELO) reflect the University's commitment to enhance and expand opportunities for undergraduates to engage in experiential learning such as research, internships, leadership, service, and study abroad and its commitment to increase student success.

The Office of Academic Affairs is dedicated to increasing student access to experiential learning activities both within and outside of the university. Creating consistency of access to these activities across the colleges, OSU campuses and locations,and student demographic groups is critical to efforts narrowing the opportunity gaps with which many first generation, low income, and underrepresented students experience.

What are High Impact Practices?

High-Impact Practices (HIPs) are experiential learning opportunities that have been shown to increase rates of student retention, student engagement, and persistence to graduation for all students across diverse backgrounds. 

HIPs are positively associated with:
  • Persistence and GPA
  • Deep approaches to learning
  • Higher rates of student-faculty interaction
  • Increases in critical thinking and writing skills
  • Greater appreciation for diversity
  • Higher student engagement overall, and “compensatory effects”

(Kuh, 2008; National Survey of Student Engagement, 2007). 

High Impact Practices at Oregon State University


Clubs and Organizations

Clubs & Organizations strives to connect with students and provide insights on a large range of student resources and areas of interests. We aim to help each student club and organization successfully navigate funding, events, activities, membership development, outreach and more!

Community Engagement and Leadership

Community Engagement & Leadership's (CEL) programs center community-engaged leadership. Community engagement is work that deepens people’s commitment to their community and the condition of their community. CEL believes the world should be a more just place for everyone and that we all must find our part in contributing to our communities. We believe that everyone's actions matter and that OSU students have the power to shape the world. Our leadership framework is asset and strengths-based, socially conscious, values-driven, and action oriented. We aim to foster leaders and change-makers. At CEL, we strive to create more healthy, caring, and equitable communities by engaging students in actively working to progress the community and world they want to live in. Join us!

Studying or interning abroad is a transformational, experiential opportunity that can greatly enhance a student's education outside of the classroom. The OSU Office of Global Opportunities (OSU GO) provides over 200 international opportunities for education, internships, and research in more than 70 countries around the world. 

Study Abroad Programs

Office of Global Opportunities

Internships, On-Campus Employment and Research

On-campus employment is flexible and convenient for students’ busy schedules, usually doesn’t require transportation and is a great way to get experience. There are many types of on-campus employment, including internships, office jobs, customer service, lab and research positions, and assistantships. Positions are available both during the school year and between terms.

International Internships

Are you thinking about doing an internship as part of your OSU career? Do you have an internship requirement for your major? Do you want to live in a different culture and gain a professional experience in another country?

ROTC Programs

Make the decision to lead and serve your country, all without sacrificing your college experience. In Army Reserve Officers' Training Corps (ROTC), a career is waiting for you when you graduate.

Participating in faculty-mentored research can transform an undergraduate’s educational experience and increase the likelihood of student success. The connections students forge with faculty members as a result of engaging in undergraduate research also provide students with professional access to their respective fields and build enthusiasm for the subject matter.

The Office of Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, and the Arts

The Office of Undergraduate Research, Scholarship, & the Arts (Office of URSA) works to connect undergraduate students interested in conducting research or creative work experiences at OSU by providing tools and resources to engage with professionals, present in symposiums, and interact with scientific or creative communities. The Office of URSA also manages the largest undergraduate research program at OSU, URSA Engage, which connects early-career students (first-year, second-year students, and transfer students in their first year) with dedicated faculty mentors.

Undergraduate research experiences promote student engagement in ways that traditional classroom instruction cannot. Faculty mentors can help students build confidence, develop problem-solving skills, refine career interests, and facilitate important connections for graduate school or employment after graduation.

Why Conduct Undergraduate Research?

URSA Engage

Engaging in Research

Finding a Faculty Mentor within your College

Research Abroad

The Writing Intensive Curriculum (WIC) Program

The Writing Intensive Curriculum Program supports and instructs faculty across the disciplines who are developing and teaching writing intensive courses as part of OSU's Baccalaureate Core requirements. Through faculty seminars, lunches, departmental consulting, review of course proposals, and the newsletter Teaching with Writing, WIC promotes excellence in writing and fosters a culture of writing at Oregon State University.