Faculty Development

The Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL)Difference, Power, and Discrimination (DPD) Program, and Writing Intensive Curriculum (WIC) Program provide faculty development opportunities.

  • Tuesday Teaching & Tech Talks
    Develop knowledge and skills in the planning of curriculum, facilitation of instruction, and assessment of learning.
  • New2OSU 
    Develop the knowledge and skills necessary to build inclusive, interactive, and instructionally sound learning environments to promote student engagement, retainment, and deeper levels of learning.
  • WIC Faculty Seminar
    Learn best practices for teaching writing across the disciplines.
  • DPD Academy
    Learn to create inclusive curricula that address intersections of gender, race, class, sexual identity, age, ability, and other institutionalized systems of inequity and privilege in the United States.
  • Curriculum Management and Assessment & Accreditation offer workshops, one-on-one coaching, and resources to support faculty with developing learning outcomes for new or revised course and program proposals, and completing undergraduate program assessments, including submitting annual undergraduate Program Assessment Reports. 

Curriculum Management Resources include: Curriculum Software Management System (CIM) Materials

Assessment Resources include:

  • Creating Curriculum Maps and Rubrics for Program Assessments
  • Developing Direct and Indirect Assessments
  • Conducting Program Assessment in Multiple Locations and Modalities
  • Completing Undergraduate Academic Assessment Reports
  • Engaging in Discussion About Full-cycle Assessment with Faculty