Course Materials Adoption (House Bill 2919 Compliance)

On February 22, 2022, the Office of the Academic Affairs sent out a message regarding OR HB2919 and the university’s compliance effort. This initial email generated some questions, which are addressed below.


In general, course material adoptions must be submitted via the form two weeks before the start of phase I registration. The Beaver Store will continue to send a reminder every term.


The Oregon Higher Education Coordinating Commission (HECC) lists the following exceptions to the reporting rule.

  • Common consumable materials not specific to the course or program of study.
  • Any materials already covered by a course or lab fee.
  • Any materials or course fees a student must pay as a condition of participating in a program, as long as the course is not open to enrollment by non-program participants.
  • Any equipment, materials, or fees required for basic participation at the institution or required to participate in the course or program. Classroom response systems devices are not exempt.
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See the step-by-step guide to placing your adoption order.

Course Materials Adoption Frequently Asked Question:

Please submit your course materials to the Beaver Store course materials adoption form at

Generally, if you are requiring students to purchase materials for your course, you need to submit a course materials adoption form. Courses designated as online, hybrid, or lecture must submit a course materials adoption form, even if you are not requiring the students to purchase anything. If your course is under another category, then you only need to submit if your course has required course materials the students need to purchase.

Labs where the recitation and lab materials are the same as the lecture do not need to be reported. However, if the lab requires the students to purchase or otherwise acquire additional materials, please report this.

Yes, you still need to submit. Just choose the “No cost: See Instructor for any Course Materials” option when completing the course materials form. This is in compliance with HB 2871.

The Beaver Store needs to process and list the course material adoptions in the schedule of classes before the start of phase I registration for that term.  The Beaver Store will send out a notice to persons designated by each academic department announcing when adoptions for a term can be submitted.  The deadline for submission is two weeks prior to registration opening. 

No, HB 2919 does not limit student choice. The Beaver Store serves as the repository for all course material information as required by HB 2919, so please continue to report your course materials to the faculty/student governed non-profit Beaver Store.

No, HB2919 says the University must post course materials costs prior to registration. OSU has designated the OSU Beaver Store as the official repository of this information. When you submit this information to the Beaver Store, once processed it will show up in the schedule of classes and on the Beaver Store website where students go to view and/or purchase course materials.

Items like kits, software, or other non-retailer items must still be submitted with the associated cost.  The Beaver Store will list and provide a special note that students should see instructor for purchase directions.

If what you are using has no an ISBN (International Standard Book Number), please use the “ISBN does not exist” checkbox.  A title and author are still required.

Please either note this in the comments field (e.g. 4th 5th and 6th edition acceptable) of the course materials adoption form or enter the ISBN numbers for the accepted earlier editions into the course materials adoption form.

Please use the following link for the step-by-step guide to placing your adoption order.