To: OSU faculty (academic and professional)

From: Alix Gitelman, Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Senior Vice Provost

March 22nd, 2023

Dear Colleagues, 

The use of ChatGPT and other Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools has grown rapidly as you are likely aware. There are both exciting and concerning implications for higher education and the workplace around the use these tools.

A workgroup recently came together to create guidelines and resources to assist you in making informed decisions about the use of emerging AI tools. You can find the information the group compiled on the CTL website. Our hope is that these resources, which will be updated regularly, may help you revisit course assignments and policies, teaching techniques, and assessment in the light of these AI tools.

My thanks to the workgroup for their valuable input, collaboration, and interest in this topic. Group members:

  • Cheridy Aduviri (CTL)
  • Kristina Case (UIT)
  • Daniel Faltesek (CLA)
  • Ryan Gambord (COE)
  • Tim Jensen (CLA)
  • Cub Kahn (CTL)
  • Kristy Kelly (CLA)
  • Terrence McTier Jr. (Student Conduct)
  • Philip Mote (Graduate School)
  • Inara Scott (COB)
  • Nicole von Germeten (CLA)
  • Karen Watte (Ecampus)

Best wishes for the close out of winter term,

Alix Gitelman

Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Senior Vice Provost

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