All Hands on Deck: Adaptive Learning Transformation at OSU (2017 – 2020)

With funding from the APLU Personalized Learning Consortium’s Accelerating Adoption of Adaptive Courseware at Public Research Universities initiative, OSU targeted “gateway” courses for adaptive courseware redesign and implementation starting Winter 2017. To date, All Hands on Deck has supported 17 courses in Mathematics, Psychology, Chemistry, Economics, Statistics, and Writing, reaching 260 sections and over 31,000 students.

Overall, we find significant increases in passing rates in courses touched by All Hands on Deck. In the first year of implementation alone, All Hands on Deck courses supported additional 547 additional students to pass, saving them over $1.3M in tuition and living costs. Students feedback shows increased student engagement and positive student experience, with three of every four students reporting satisfaction with learning effectiveness and recommending its use in other courses.

All Hands on Deck has influenced 11 of the top 28 courses correlated with high academic difficulty and attrition.

The mid-term goal is to scale adaptive courseware implementation to over 25% of our undergraduate general education curriculum, while enhancing student success and strengthening the culture of innovation at OSU.

In the News!

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At Oregon State University, for instance, the introduction of adaptive learning technology used to customize courses to the individual needs of students increased the passing rate of one of its algebra courses 65 percent to 77 percent over two years, according to the report.

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With years of experience in online education, Katie Jager knew she was well positioned for Oregon State’s transition to remote instruction in the face of COVID-19. But she also knew that around 95% of the 20-person statistics faculty was somewhat less ready. So she jumped in to help.

A Team-Based Approach to Redesigning Developmental Math Courses at Oregon State University (An APLU & Every Learner Everywhere Network Webinar)

Oregon State University was facing a challenge with very high drop/fail/withdraw rates in their development math courses. As part of the solution, in 2017 they worked as a team to incorporate adaptive learning platforms into their course redesign. Over multiple semesters, they saw great improvements for their DFW rates.