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Minjeong Kim received 2013 LL Stewart Faculty Scholars Award

The overall objectives of my L.L. Stewart project are to bring together scholars from across the campus whose teachings and/or Kimresearch are related to design and design-thinking, and to then build a design community within OSU. Design as a process to innovation can encompass a wide variety of disciplines across diverse fields, from specific design fields (e.g., graphic design) to business, science, engineering, and more. Although design may be applied differently in diverse disciplines, generally there is agreement that design thinking is a foundational element common to different design approaches. One of the emerging key trends in business schools is to embrace design thinking as an integral part of business education (See the 2012 Wall Street Journal article Forget B-School, D-School is hot, the Harvard Business Review article Design Thinking, and the Businessweek article How Business is adopting design thinking). Similarly, there is a growing interest in design thinking in engineering schools. Focusing on human-centered design, The Robert R. McCormick School of Engineering at Northwestern University emerged as a core player in design among engineering schools. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Lab is an excellent example of an integrated design program across design, business, and engineering. Also, the widely recognized success of Stanford attests to the paradigm shift in business and engineering education towards the cultivation of creativity and promotion of collaboration. There is an impetus for change - growing demand for education on design thinking, for integrated curricula, and for research programs across multiple disciplines. Nonetheless, the existing design curricula and research programs tend to be isolated within their own discipline and lack synergy with other disciplines. There are some individual-level collaborations across these disciplines, but there are large untapped opportunities to network and collaborate among faculty at OSU. 

The outcome of this L.L. Stewart project will be enhanced collaboration among OSU faculty in teaching and research in the area of design and design-thinking. I plan to offer a design-thinking workshop to enhance an understanding of design thinking among OSU faculty. I will also coordinate a series of working sessions to facilitate networking opportunities for OSU faculty with short presentations of existing design curricula and research programs. Ultimately, the goal is to form faculty partnerships in teaching and research related to design and design thinking for successful innovations in teaching and research through collaboration. 

The proposed project is aligned with OSU Strategic Plan in terms of “Capitalizing on an expanding institutional culture of innovation and collaboration to discover and implement creative, economically powerful solutions to America's critical challenges through leadership in areas such as energy and clean technology, micro and nano technology, and natural resource product technology.” A community of scholars in design is expected to contribute to the accomplishment of OSU’s strategic goals through innovative teaching and research.


Dr. Minjeong Kim is Associate Dean for the School of Design and Human Environment (SDHE) in the College of Business (COB) at Oregon State University. Dr. Kim teaches and conducts research on topics related to design and consumer behaviors. In particular, Dr. Kim’s research primarily focuses on the process by which the design of websites influences consumers’ decision-making processes with an emphasis on psychological processes impacting consumer behaviors. Dr. Kim was recognized for her scholarly contributions on website design and consumer behaviors by the Korean Society of Clothing and Textiles Association in 2012 and was also the winner of 2012 Highly Commended Paper Award from Emerald Literari Network, Emerald Group Publishing Limited. Dr. Kim is currently working with SDHE faculty in developing the SDHE Design Core Curriculum that encompasses design thinking, design principles, human-centered design, human-centered research, and collaboration with a goal to build strong foundations skills in design thinking, critical thinking, and collaboration early-on in students’ academic careers in the SDHE.