The Award Process
The Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs is responsible for the oversight of the Faculty Productivity Award [loan] program. Departments or individual faculty members (tenure track) are eligible for interest-free loans through this fund which was originally established by a FIPSE grant. The fund source has become a revolving fund: loans are applied for, reviewed by a committee of faculty, and approved by the Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs; as the loan is repaid, the fund is rejuvenated and additional loans are awarded. The purpose of the fund is to enhance instructional opportunities for faculty and departments. A variety of projects have been funded in the past, but the most common requests are from faculty for assistance in the purchase of computers, related equipment and software to improve faculty productivity.

At least once each year, the Senior Vice Provost sends out a reminder to Deans, Directors, and Department Heads with a link to the application materials to be distributed to interested faculty. Applications are forwarded to Academic Affairs for review.

Faculty Productivity Loan Application Form (PDF)

Contract (to be filled out once approved by Senior Vice Provost) - Word Document